How to Look For a Labrador Dog Kennel

How to Look For a Labrador Dog Kennel

When you are shopping for a kennel for your Labrador, you should consider a few things. First of all, the kennel should be durable and easy to assemble. It should also offer enough space for your Lab to play and exercise.

‘Ellie Bo’ crates

‘Ellie Bo’ dog crates are among the best options for pet owners looking to provide a comfortable environment for their dogs. They have high customer satisfaction ratings and are durable. These crates come pre-assembled, making them easy to set up and fold away. Moreover, the crates are made to fit your dog perfectly.

There are many uses for dog crates, such as for travel or short-term confinement. This type of kennel is also perfect for preventing your puppy from destroying your possessions. Labradors can’t fit in small crates, so it’s important to choose a large crate with plenty of space to lie down and stand up.

‘Ellie Bo’ crates come in a variety of styles, including deluxe ones, which feature extra padding for extra comfort. Their doors close with two sturdy latches and collapse for easy storage. The base features a removable steel tray with a carry handle. However, you may be concerned about the metal frame, as it can scratch your floor. For that reason, you may want to opt for a deluxe version with thicker bars and a faux sheepskin cushion.

The ‘Ellie Bo’ crate is designed to be used when you want to crate-train your puppy. Moreover, it comes with a divider that allows you to gradually increase the size of the crate to suit your pup’s growth. A crate with too much space is also easy for a puppy to soil.

‘Ellie Bo’ crates are also very practical for travel. They are portable and sturdy, and are designed to accommodate up to 90 pounds of weight. Despite their large size, they are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for Labradors.

Metal wire crates

Metal wire crates are a great choice for a Labrador dog kennel. They’re not only sturdy and secure, but they also look great. This style of crate comes in different colors, so you can pick a color that complements your home decor. It’s important to choose the right size, too, because not all crates will fit the same size dog.

A dog crate should be large enough for the dog to sit in comfortably. Make sure that there is sufficient space to place the dog’s tail and paws, as well as a convenient door opening. You should also choose a crate with removable dividers so that you can increase the size as your puppy grows.

A metal wire crate for a Labrador dog kennel has a longer lifespan than a plastic one. The material is also more durable than plastic but is difficult to clean. The crate’s size and height match the dog’s height and width. The crate’s spaciousness doesn’t outweigh its material disadvantage, though.

Metal wire crates are not ideal for homes. While their aesthetics and construction are similar to those of most crates, wire crates are difficult to move around. Dogs can sometimes break out of these kennels despite the locks. A good metal wire kennel should have two latches to keep your pet safe and secure.

If you’re traveling, a portable soft crate is an excellent option. These lightweight and durable crates are great for short trips, but are not suitable for long-term confinement. Unlike a traditional wire crate, soft crates can’t be used on chewers. Therefore, they should only be used after a thorough wire crate training.

Easy to assemble

An easy to assemble labrador dog kennels is a good option for traveling with your pet. Similar to an RV for humans, these portable shelters are made from sturdy plastic. They have a secure latch on the door and smaller windows. They also have a small, portable base that can be used as a side table or nightstand.

There are several different types of dog kennels available. You can opt for one that has a divider panel so that your Lab can have its own space. This way, he can stretch out as he grows. Another convenient feature of these crates is that they include food and water bowls.

These crates can be folded flat for portability and come with a removable floor tray. The crate can be cleaned with ease. Many models have a sliding tray that makes it easier to clean the dog’s messes. These crates are very sturdy and provide great protection for your pup.

Labradors have a low body height. This means that you should look for one that is slightly taller than your pet’s average height. A crate that is too short for a Labrador will cause discomfort. You can also get a crate with a divider so that your pup can feel more secure inside. The divider will also help speed up the potty training process.

The best easy to assemble labrador dog kennels are made of sturdy wood. Some are designed to look like pieces of furniture. They also double as storage space and a decorative piece.


Labrador dog kennels are a great way to safely house your pup. There are several types of dog kennels available, and the best ones are made from durable materials. The MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate is a sturdy, all-inclusive crate, which features a convenient divider panel and a removable plastic tray.

For a large breed of Labrador, a double-door dog crate is the way to go. These extra-large kennels are ideal for show bred Labradors. Ideally, they should be 42 inches wide and 30 inches tall, and they should be made of sturdy metal. They also should have rounded edges, as this is safer for small children. You can choose a single or double-door model, depending on your budget.

Labradors are typically very energetic. Although they are good with other dogs, they can develop destructive chewing behavior if they do not have the proper guidance. If left unsupervised, Labs may mouth people and chew on toys. Because they are strong, early training is essential.

A high-quality kennel should be durable and easy to clean. The interior of the kennel should be lined with faux lambskin to keep the dog comfortable. The kennel should also have tie downs on the four corners to keep it secure. The kennel should also come with wheels to make it easier to push it through an airport.

A durable Labrador dog kennel should be strong enough to protect your pup against the elements. If it is made of plastic and steel wire, it is also strong enough to protect your pup from knocks or bumps. In addition, it should be easy to fold.


When buying a crate for your Labrador, you should first consider the size of your dog. A crate that is too small or too large will make your pet uncomfortable. It will also cause your dog to use the space around it for peeing and pooping. Choose a crate that is large enough for your Labrador to lie down and stand comfortably.

To choose a crate that is the proper size, you should measure your Labrador’s length. You should measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Then, add 2 inches to that measurement. This way, your Lab will have more room in the crate than he does in his regular dog cage.

Labradors are large dogs. Because of their large size, they require a crate that fits their size. A good size for a Labrador kennel is at least 30 inches tall and 28 inches wide. You should also allow two to four inches of extra space for wiggle room.

If you plan to keep your dog in a crate for a long time, a 42-inch crate is appropriate for an adult Labrador. A crate with a divider is best for a pup, so don’t be shy about purchasing a larger crate than necessary.

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